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Content marketing is at the core of every good marketing plan. There is more content out there than ever, in every form. From blogs, to newsletters, to podcasts, there is something for everyone. The challenge is standing out, to your target market.

With a value focused approached, we don’t try and blast your name everywhere possible, we focus on making each interaction meaningful, and connecting in a way that works.

What Quinlan Marketing do

What is included?


Looking at existing content marketing for you business and like competitors, we see what works and where the issues have been

  • Evaluate Social Media, Email Marketing and Other channels
  • Consultation
Content Plan

Develop a custom plan for sourcing content, the channels to implement it on and how to measure success

  • Content timeline
  • Content sourcing plan
Measure and optimise

Optimise for each channel, measuring the success against predetermined goals

  • Monthly Reporting

Connect and convert

Using techniques specific to your industry or business, Social Media, Email marketing and blogs are some of the many techniques utilised to reach out-to, nurture and convert leads.

Providing value to your customers is known to increase website traffic, increase time spent on page engage your target market and ultimately bring more leads into your website.

Content marketing is also a great opportunity to express your brand, to engage with your customers and show them what you are all about. Reward loyalty, provide information, and your customers will appreciate you.

customer engagement through content marketing
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Learn more about Content Marketing

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Does Content Marketing work?

Many have the experience of blogs/social media/email lists not working, because there is a lot of competition, you have to stand out! This is done through adding value in your content.

Do I need to Pay for it to work?

PPC or ‘Paid’ ads to promote content is not always necessary, plenty of good traffic + leads come from organic sources,

I’ve tried before, but i never get any attention!

One of the most common things we hear, almost everyone has a Business listing on Facebook, but very few leverage leads out of it! Consistent, high quality content aimed at the right audience is the key and we can help you get there.

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