Solace Building Services

A building company based in the Gold Coast, they specialise in remedial work. Needing a website update to better showcase their skillset and provide an easy way for customers and leads to make contact.

Solace Building Services

The Vision

Solace Building Services had the goal of improving their users experience on their site. Developing a platform for more content, more SEO possibilities and giving the brand an updated look. Creating updated templates and layout also has the effect of promoting more of their services with updated copy.

Web Design

Using data driven analysis to assess the website, creating landing pages and redesigning key sections to perform better with the target market.

  • Blog Content
  • Redesigned Services pages
  • Developed Projects section
Copy Design

Designing content so users have precise and informative information.

  • Projects section
  • Services section

What have we done?

Update Design

Update the design elements, develop a distinct style guide for the site to make it consistent, professional and beautiful throughout.

Accurate Copy

Accurate and descriptive copy is key when providing services. Organising the services to allow customers to have more information.

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