O’Some Brows

Beauty specialists, who service the growing lash and eyebrow market. Needing to replace their existing website with an SEO and mobile friendly focus to attract and improve the experience of customers.

O’Some Brows

The Vision

O’some Brows had the goal of improving the experience of users on their website, and the ease at which leads could find it. We identified some keys areas, including its homepage, booking forms and design. Goals were setup and key metrics to track to improvement of SEO as well as how users enjoyed using and converting on the site.

Web Design

Working with the client, improvements to content regarding services, improved design and homepage layout.

  • Focus on Testimonials
  • Redesigned Services pages
  • Redesigned Booking System

Using data driven analysis to assess the competition and current market.

  • Services and location focused keywords
  • Backlink campaign
  • Technical SEO imrpovements

What have we done?

Improve the Design

Improving design consistency and elements. Using consistency in colouring and fonts builds the brand in the customers eyes. It shows a clean, professional front for any business.

Increase leads

Working with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Search Console an in-depth approach to tracking the lead generation ability of the site was taken, giving visibility to what users were searching for, what made leads convert, and more.

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